Wind in the Womb is a speculative and bending three-part project that conjures voids, rumors, and community in order to resurect the extinct contraceptive: Silphium. 

Silphium was an ancient form of birth control that has been mythologized via its extinction. It was a wild herb that lived for 600 years in ancient Cyrene around the 7th century BCE. Its extinction was brought on by popularity and its resitance to taming. Those who could become pregnant consumed it, and thus its contraceptive powers traveled orally, and were left out of written histories due to patriarchal omission. Its seedpod is rumored to be the origin of our modern heart symbol – a radical idea of love coming from sex without procreation.


Prolapse: The mysticism of Silphium is invoked and changing form via collaborative conversations with herbalists and ancient manuscripts.

At Public Pool

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